Forum Title: What should I do with this vent stack
I'm remodeling our master bathroom and I ran into a problem with a vent pipe that turned out to be in an unexpected location. In the picture below, there was a shower to the left and a huge soaker tub to the right. We never used the tub so we decided to just rip it out, cap the plumbing and install a larger shower instead. There is insulation around shower trap because there is a 24" overhang above the outside deck below. When we removed the wall between the shower and tub, we discovered this 2" vent pipe exactly where we didn't want it to be. The new shower is a corner model with two glass walls so the pipe can't be there. The trap for the tub drain was in the open joist cavity on the far right. The vent pipe needs to be relocated or removed altogether. My question is, can I just cap this tub drain and remove the vent pipe completely and or will that create problems? I would just run it up to the attic through the exterior stud cavity but it's going to be very tight with it being within a foot of the eve. I guess the other option would be to vent directly out the wall but it's my understanding it would need to come out above the window and that would put it very close to the bottom of the eve. This is where the pipe goes into the attic. If I go through the exterior stud cavity, I would connect it with a coupler to the new pipe near the eve. This is a T-connector in the attic. Straight ahead is the vent pipe I'm concerned about . To the left (I think) is the vent for the sink in the master bath. The line to the right goes to a large vent stack on the roof. This is the view looking the other way in the bathroom with my back to the exterior wall. Could the toilet use this vent? The drain does bend that way. Would it be common for a tub and toilet to use the same vent? This bathroom is 10' x 12' by the way. Lastly, here's the view from the deck below. That overhang will make it easy for a novice like me to hookup the shower drain from below. If it wasn't for that (and the fact that we're doing a shower pan and insert) I'd definitely hire someone for this job. Any advice is most appreciated!
Category: Plumber Post By: MIRIAM DOYLE (Santa Maria, CA), 07/05/2017

the way it is piped, if, it wa being used as a vent for another fixture it would be an illegal vent. your ok, cap it

- LEO BREWER (Mission, TX), 09/02/2017

Thanks for the reply. I was just thinking that maybe the pros have a test to determine if anything else uses a vent? I mean, there should be suction when it's in use, right? Could I just tape a plastic bag over it and start flushing toilets and running sinks? Is there a better way? If I'm reading the code correctly, that toilet would be too far away for it to be the vent for that. Anyway, I agree that the tub was probably the only thing using it but I tend to be a bit paranoid about these things.

- JEREMY WATSON (Hoffman Estates, IL), 09/30/2017

i think it would be safe to say...cut and cap.

- JESSIE HAYNES (St. Paul, MN), 10/13/2017

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