Forum Title: Watts LFN45B Pressure Regulator
Just installed a new Watts LFN45B pressure regulator. According to the specs, the regulator is set to 50 psi from the factory, but when I put a pressure gauge on a hose bib that's adjacent to the regulator, it reads 75 psi, same with a second one in our side yard. I adjusted the set screw counterclockwise to reduce the pressure, but it's still at 75 psi. Why is this happening and how can it be fixed?
Category: Plumber Post By: SHAWN SULLIVAN (Warwick, RI), 01/13/2016

Yes, it is. I took a picture of the original regulator before I disassembled it. Is it possible the regulator is bad? And I am uncertain if the hose bib is after the PRV, as a T is possibly hidden in the wall.

- SHERRY CARLSON (Pleasanton, CA), 09/11/2017

Is the arrow on the regulator pointing from the meter to the house?

- VIOLA ZIMMERMAN (Greensboro, NC), 09/22/2017

Are you 100% sure the hose bib you are checking it on is after the PRV? I have seen some water services to a home that the tee for hose bib is hidden inside the wall between the shut off valve and the PRV.

- HARRY HOWARD (Novato, CA), 10/06/2017

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