Forum Title: Shaking pipes - new PRV
I installed a Pressure Reducing Valve yesterday (had pressure between 80-90 in the day). I also installed a Thermal expansion tank to accommodate for having a closed system with the PRV. I set the PRV to 65. I've been experiencing pipes shaking and vibrating since installing the PRV. The pressure gauge after the PRV shakes violently between 60 and 100 PSI and the pipes make noise. It seems to happen sometimes (though not always) when a toilet is flushed or someone opens a sink. Can't really put my finger on exactly what causes it. When I have been able to watch it happen, I have closed off the flow on the main before the PRV and then slowly opened it and the shaking stops... Any idea what's going on?
Category: Plumber Post By: JAVIER PARK (Boca Raton, FL), 07/22/2016

It seems to consistently happen when I turn on the sinks on the top floor and especially when I flush the upstairs toilets. Main floor toilet and sink is less of an issue.

- ROBERT WILLIAMS (Lincoln, NE), 09/19/2017

did you install any type of valve? the prv has an arrow which way is te arrow pointing? where did you put the expansion tank ? how did you set the prv pressure ? drop the psi outgoing prv to 50 psi with a prv, your psi should not fluctuate from 60 to 100

- MIGUEL FULLER (Meridian, ID), 09/20/2017

Is your main shut off valve a ball valve or a gate. make sure it's open 100%. Do you have irrigation sprinkler zone valves. I had some ZV's cause the same thing a couple weeks ago. isolated the 4 ZV group and it stopped. Is the PRV install in the right direction. If it's a double union it's real easy to install backwards. Check ball cocks/fill valves in the toilets. It could be the reduced pressure is making them operate out of the norm

- WALTER HILL (Delano, CA), 10/05/2017

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