Forum Title: Removing top end of spigot to replace rubber washer
Have been able to remove the handle, bolts in the middle and behind it that holds it in place but unable to get top end off to view the washer. From looking at it i'm sure it's a frost free sillcock spigot. I've used a pipe wrench from keeping from damaging the spigot and connection itself and also a deep socket and shower wrenches to no available all due to a spigot leak.
Category: Plumber Post By: ALLAN JOSEPH (Lawton, OK), 02/05/2017

If all else fails....use two pipe wrenches. The hex already looks chewed up and stripped, a pipe wrench will grab onto anything. If that doesn't work, no choice but to change the valve

- JEANETTE WADE (Idaho Falls, ID), 09/07/2017

Doesn't look like a frost free valve to me. Rapping on the outer section of the valve where the threads that you are trying to loosen is located will sometimes loosen them up. I don't spend too long fighting with hose faucets, it is usually much cheaper and easier to replace them.

- SARA PRICE (Cincinnati, OH), 09/14/2017

Definately plain sillcock, not frost-free. Replace entire valve.

- JENNIFER MILLER (Boynton Beach, FL), 09/30/2017

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