Forum Title: Leaking pipes I can't seem to get the phone to get the links for the pictures to post on here. Picture 6 shows the project. The back of a shower. There is a hole in the right pipe. The middle pipe leaks from the top and the left pipe has one behind it as well. I was going to take the right side off to home Depot but the top wouldn't come off. It has been glued. What should I do? Will I have to take the contraption in the center off? Picture 5 also shows a leak at the bottom in the basement. That is the left pipe in picture 6. Picture 1 is the shut off valve. It doesn't seem to shut the water off very well and we can't turn it off from outside. The man hole is sealed shut somehow. Should I get a new shut off valve or are there other valves? I'm not a plumber but it can't be to hard to do this. I learned cars by asking lots of questions so I would prefer not to hear I need to pay someone else unless that's the only option. I was thinking of using pvc. The house is lease to own and been empty for a year and was built in 1886. Any others ideas?
Category: Plumber Post By: APRIL OLIVER (San Mateo, CA), 05/19/2016

You are going to have to change your photobucket settings since it is set for private. This album is Private. Explore Photobucket's billions of photos & videos. At the bottom of your post, you will see a manage attachments tab. This is where you insert pictures to help us understand your problem.

- JEFF HARPER (Cleveland, OH), 09/11/2017

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