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Hello! I have been wrestling (at times literally) with my kitchen sink plumbing for a couple weekends, and I'm at the point of either throwing tools, crying, or pretending I never had a kitchen sink to begin with. Something was leaking under my sink and I determined that it was the sprayer hose (and after all this, it better be!). I found a universal repair kit at HD and felt pretty confident it would be a ten minute job. I've been wrong before. When I got under the sink (which requires body contortions like I'm in the freakin cirque de soleil) I couldn't even detach the hose. It was hooked up with a quick connector, which clearly is not a quick deconnector. I finally had to break the plastic connector (no small task) to release the pipe. But now I have all these fittings (universal kit) and no idea how to hook the hose up under the sink. In fact, I'm not even sure which end of the pipe goes under the sink, because I can make either end work with the sprayer. What do I need to make one of these ends hook up with that pipe?Attachment 11354 I will try to post a pic of the pipe in a reply
Category: Plumber Post By: Lyndi (Hesperia, CA), 10/26/2016

I'm almost as mad at this picture posting as I am at my dumb kitchen sink!!

- IAN GRIFFITH (Henderson, NV), 09/22/2017

Well, at least you have wonderful writing skills. Thanks for the laugh of the day! You know, I've seen those universal hoses sold at Home Depot, but have never figured out how they can claim the universal rating, because I have no idea what they would fit. I myself am not a plumber, just a guy who has been around the block a couple of times. I would honestly just toss the entire faucet in the trash, and go out and buy a new faucet. One that will last years and years of frustration free life! Stay tuned for more posts from our specialists, who may give you a better way to make that universal sprayer work.

- LESTER BARNETT (Oak Lawn, IL), 09/24/2017

I agree. The earlier version of hoses used to be screwed together. Then they started making them with snap together quick couplers. You have to get a replacement hose from the specific manufacture. Replace the entire fixture or I.D. what you have and get the right hose.

- CLIFFORD BURTON (Kenner, LA), 10/13/2017

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