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Hi All, For the last few months I have been getting an odor that is coming from my kitchen sink area. It is not a sewage smell, more of a decomposing sulfur smell I believe. The smell has started to migrate to the inside of my dishwasher as well. The drains seem to empty with no problem and there is no gargling sound when draining. The p-traps are full with water so I am not sure how the smell is escaping into my kitchen. I have looked under both the kitchen cabinet and dishwasher and have no mice present. The smell is the worst when the dishwasher drains or run hot water from the sink. This is the only area in the house that smells. All of the bathroom fixtures and slop sink in the basement do not have this odor when running hot water. The steps I have taken to fix this issue is as follows- Replaced Garbage disposal after noticing both the disposal and clean-out were filled with black grime.-smell was still present after replacing disposal Replaced dishwasher and have noticed the odor is now coming into the dishwasher. Replaced cast-iron pipe from sink to main vent stack with PVC piping. Smell has gotten better,but still is present. I would appreciate any help with this issue. I have had 3 plumbers come out to the house and all recommended replacing the PVC pipe from the sink to vent stack would fix the problem. Once again I want to thank you for taking the time to read this post and for any help.
Category: Plumber Post By: HELEN HERNANDEZ (Alhambra, CA), 05/21/2017


- FREDERICK LYNCH (Lauderhill, FL), 09/22/2017

sulfur smell / rotten egg smell is usually the water heater anode needing changed the smell can come thru the pipe to your kitchen

- CATHERINE CARTER (Buffalo, NY), 10/03/2017

Do you have a hi loop in your dishwasher drain line?

- ARNOLD SCHWARTZ (Bradenton, FL), 10/10/2017

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