Forum Title: dual sink drain in wall problem
I have a the walls torn out and I have a dual sink drain, but the right side is a strange pipe. The drain pipe in the wall seems to be cast iron and is a 4 way pipe: 1) upward to the exhaust in the roof 2) down to the drain 3) left to the left sink drain (there is no sink since the bathroom is gutted) 4) right to the right sink drain (HERE IS THE PROBLEM SINCE IT IS A STRANGE PIPE FITTING) When I took the previous right drain apart it was put together with a rubber connector and an O clamp... kind of "jerry rigged" if you ask me. This seems to be because of the weird pipe fitting described in 4) above. How do I fix this? The guy at the hardware store says that the male/smaller pipe fitting might unscrew but I've been unable to unscrew it. It's either rusted in place or simply part of the main drain pipe. I want the right side to look like the left side so I can connect the right drain correctly without "jerry rigging" it.
Category: Plumber Post By: VELMA MCLAUGHLIN (Waukegan, IL), 03/30/2017

unscrew BOTH sides of that fixture fitting. then, with a flash light inspect it. if it is in goot condition, screw a pvc male adapter in both sides and plumb the sinks

- JIMMY BARNES (Wichita, KS), 09/16/2017

Here is one I just redid on Friday. This one was all cast iron and cracked going into the concrete slab. I have to finish it on Monday. Last photo I took I was cutting out ( 2 ) 4 x 2 combo's below the slab. Fun times Their are 2 stacks The left is dead. The right is a double fixture tee with a kitchen on the other side of the wall.

- ADAM KELLY (Flower Mound, TX), 09/25/2017

That cast iron fitting is a Durham steel double fixture tee. The chance of you unscrewing the nipple are pretty slim to none. Since you have it open I would replace all that with ABS pipe. The drain below looks like steel and you can cut it with a sawsall. Reconnect new pipe with similar band seal coupling like the one you took off. Search this forum. There are plenty of references to them. Install a new DOUBLE FIXTURE TEE. Hire a plumber probably take him less than an hour to change it out. There are plenty of wrong ways to rework it.

- STEVE RICHARDSON (Woodland, CA), 10/08/2017

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