Forum Title: Drain hose disconection (separated completely) in washing machine and water flooding
Hello everyone I have a portable top loader washing machine 1.5 Cu. Ft. (Haier HLP23E),7 months ago ,connection hose between drain pump and drain hose separated and all water in tube came out and flooded my bathroom, it was terrible. I connected it again with spring hose clamp and a little adhesive and it was fine for six or seven month but again yesterday it separated from drain hose and hopefully this time water level was very low and I had a drain pan under washing machine so damage was nothing. Current problem is with connection hose when the machine was draining, water began to spew out of the under of the washing machine, connection drain hose that the machine's drain hose is hooked into. . It doesnΓÇÖt get secure and will separated again and again if I donΓÇÖt fix it essential Now I purchase a new drain hose and drain hose connection to replace those parts. Is there any Adhesive to use?1. What Can I do to secure drain hose to avoid happening again since IΓÇÖm in 3rd floor and high level of water will ruin all units?2. Is connecting drain hose to pump with this hose clamp enough?3. What Can I install between connection to stop coming out water rapidly? (Because when it disconnected and separated all 1.5 cu.ft. water comes out and all carpet gets dirty, I cannot stop it with turning off water since water is in tube) I would appreciate your help. First image is old and is before disconnection: this time will use this clamp and replace drain hose
Category: Plumber Post By: GWENDOLYN BOWEN (Redding, CA), 02/17/2017

use the clamp you originally showed, the gear/worm clamp. it will work fine

- WILMA VEGA (Turlock, CA), 09/08/2017

I couldn't find it in home depot or any hardware store . looks like it is hard to find. Does it have a specific name? Can I tape between drain hose and clamp to prevent any damage? any other suggestion?

- CALVIN SCHULTZ (Rosemead, CA), 09/18/2017

You certainly need a stronger clamp style as the spring clamp does not provide enough surface coverage or tension to overcome failure IMO. The accessory clamp you show is called a worm clamp and may damage the hose material you are trying to clamp. A better style (IMO) would be a band style clamp as it will provide more even tension without possible hose material damage.. Do not over tighten as most likely the discharge line itself is nylon. Find the style description here-

- RUBEN LOWE (Anaheim, CA), 10/05/2017

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