Forum Title: Do one-piece cast iron flange and waste tubes exist?
During demolition of a bathroom remodel I found I'll have to replace a broken cast iron toilet flange (3", first floor over basement with underneath access). I first thought I'd have to replace a leaded-in flange but upon inspection from the basement I don't see an apparent seam where the flange was connected to the pipe. It looks like the flange and tube (approx 6' - 8") are one piece. I don't plan on replacing this entire piece with a similar item, I'm just curious if this type of piece does/did exist and that I'm assessing this situation correctly. Anyone ever heard of this? Thanks in advance!
Category: Plumber Post By: ROSS NAVARRO (Beaverton, OR), 01/22/2016

Post some pictures if you from top and one from below if you can. I have never seen a flange and closet bend ( not drain tube ) as a single piece unit.

- TERESA STEWART (Raleigh, NC), 09/05/2017

If you can see in the pics it look like the flange and tube (sorry if there's a special name for it - I don't know) seem to be one piece and are connected to the bend with a no-hub. I was assuming I would be able to remove a flange from the 'tube' and attach a new flange. From what I see it looks like I would have to replace down to the bend, or further. As an aside - does that flange look like it should be replaced? It's at least 20 years old (as long as I've been in the house) but very easily could be the original - 1969.

- PEARL SCHWARTZ (Ocala, FL), 09/13/2017

Sorry I didn't get back to you right away. Thanks for the picture. You probably already resolved this. That is a NO HUB flange. No LEAD required. Run a search for NO HUB cast iron water closet flange. OR You can replace it with a plastic. use PVC or ABS with a stainless steel adjustable ring and a Mission band to connect back to the existing cast

- DALE RICHARDS (Gulfport, MS), 10/10/2017

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