Forum Title: AVB's installation seems inccorect
Dear plumbing experts, I had a plumber replaced my piping on the outside of the house, with an external faucet and AVB (Atmospheric Vacuum Beaker), and linking the line to my existing sprinkling system (white PVC on picture). What he did does not seem right to me as he only connected one side of the AVB. From my understanding (and how it was before), the output of the AVB was connected to the ingest of the sprinkler line. I have attached a picture to show the setup. To me, the AVB is useless here and will not prevent backflow. So looking to expert opinions. If you think it is wrong, how would you describe it so I can tell him it will not work that way. Appreciate your help. Cheers,
Category: Plumber Post By: MAX BALDWIN (Yuma, AZ), 06/25/2016

not only is it installed incorrectly. you can not use that valve on a sprinkler system under upc code see upc 603.2.2/ table 6-2 note 4 not to be subject to operating pressure for more than 12 hours in a 24 hour period the valve that needs to be used is a double check backflow preventer. $$$ i would call his office and tell them they have installed a valve that is not code compliant tell them to install the correct valve.. AT NO ADDITIONAL cost to you. and when they are thru. you will be expecting the test certification report from a 3rd party. at THAT time, you will call the state inspector to have a look see if they give you a hard time. CALL the plumbing inspector for a sprinkler system backflow inspection the inspector will go ballistic...

- ANGEL BYRD (Bakersfield, CA), 09/19/2017

Thanks Frodo. Much appreciated. As it is today, does that valve actually do anything (even though it is the wrong one)?

- CAROLINE PAGE (Milford, CT), 10/08/2017

it is doing nothing.

- JORGE PEARSON (Missoula, MT), 10/11/2017

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