The Danger of Hiring Experienced Plumbers You May Be Creating More Headaches for Yourself

Top 10 Best licensed plumbers - Help Center - Repair & Service Guide - a Yes, train your people. a Not just on the technical aspects of the job. a But more specifically, train people on how to communicate with homeowners. a Train your plumbers how to walk up to a home. Ask queries, forum and find assistance from plumbing company on hot water heater problems, shower repair, septic tank treatment, leak locators, dripping faucet repair.. We tell our new plumbing contractor clients the most important thing they need to do in their business is TRAIN. a Train your plumbers how to approach a service call. a Train your plumbers how to greet a customer. a Train your plumbers on how to present the price. a Train your plumber how to explain a repair to homeowner. a Train your plumbers how to properly leave the home ..More

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Got Kids? Plumbing Advice for Parents!

Directory Of plumbing contractors - Home Repairman Blogs - Just ask any plumber who's a father too, he'll tell you that he's definitely spent time teaching his children how to take proper care of the plumbing in their home. Connect with handyman plumber using forums, ask queries and get help on bathtub repair, hot water heater installation, septic cleaning, installing bathroom sink drain.. So, now you're a homeowner and a parent? Whether or not you're handy, we'll tell you right now that your kids' habits ? good or bad ? can either cost or save you money plumbing-wise ..More

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Safety Tips October 2009

Find certified plumbers - Forum With Technicians - Free contractor estimates - ars rescue rooter service, drain cleaning service, septic tank backup, copper pipe leak repair. The non-highway related fatalities were caused when workers were hit by industrial vehicles. It's important that you are trained on all of our safety regulations before getting on this piece of equipment!. 1. (Remember that the speed limit in the yard is 5 mph!) The other top non-highway related causes of deaths were overturning forklifts. Car crashes and forklift incidents Transportation incidents caused 2,053 deaths, and most of them on the high way ..More

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Annoying Air Leaks In Your Home

Directory Of handyman plumbers - Service Technician Blog Pages - Find help on installing toilet flange, auger snake services, sewer line installation, installing bathroom faucet by starting a blog for advice from plumbing contractors.. The blower test involves a door-panel system with a fan and pressure gauges that create negative pressure which pulls air through the cracks of your home. A more professional way is with an energy audit. The thermal imaging test involves scanning the home with a thermal imaging camera and finding where cold air is coming in at. These can be done a couple ways, either with the blower door test or thermal imaging scan ..More

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How Does a Water Softener Work?

Listings Of handyman plumbers - Service Contractor Forum Pages - Blog and forum pages on residential plumbing, fix garbage disposal, gas water heater service, emergency septic service & water leak detection services.. In short, hard water contains hardness minerals, left behind most commonly by nature. While your water might still look and feel soft, the hardness minerals will make it more likely dry out your skin and hair, cause calcium build ups within your plumbing, and make cleaning clothes, dishes and even areas of your home significantly more difficult ..More

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