7 Tips for Saving Water While You Shower

Directory Listing Of residential plumbers - Home Technician Blogs - The average shower head delivers approximately 5 gallons (19 litres) per minute, which equals 50 gallons per person per shower. Of course, at that rate, you might as well take a bath. While the average bath uses between 35-50 gallons of water, a 10-minute shower using a low-flow showerhead only uses only 25 gallons. Many people in developed countries opt to shower instead of bathing, in order to preserve water. Get free estimates - toilet tank repair, gas heater repair, sewer service, faucet stem replacement ..More

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Most Common Misconceptions of DIY Plumbing Repair

21 Best licensed plumbers - Helpful Links - troubleshooting, installation - diagnosis & repair - Another common misconception with DIY plumbing repair, is that as long as you have the right coupling size?that the metal you purchase does not matter. Industrial plumbers talk over forum pages on garbage disposal repair, shower handle replacement, sewer line repair, fix leaky spigot.. However, if you do not use the proper coupling toaconnect copper and steel pipes?you will be looking at costly damage at some point in the near future. In fact, the corrosion created by using the wrong coupling can become so overpowering that the line closes ..More

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5 Plumbing Repairs That are Best Left to the Pros

Service Expert commercial plumbers - Let's Talk - Forum Pages - We see it on a regular basis:a Homeowners try to tackle a plumbing task, but a small oversight results in a flooded property and a drained wallet. Free contractor estimates - boiler repair, leaking shower repair, sewer line replacement, bathroom faucet repair. A misdiagnosed problem or incorrect repair to the water heater can lead to a fire that won?t be covered by your insurance. Some of the reasons why you should not do your own plumbing repairs, is because: ..More

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9 Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Top 10 plumbing contractors - Inspection, Troubleshooting Forums - Where to put the items used daily is a major bathroom design challenge, and look to the walls for extra storage. Talk to licensed plumbers using forum pages for disposal repair, shower knob replacement, sewer line cleaning, water pipe leak repair.. Install a shelf in that area above the sink and below the medicine cabinet (similar to the glass shelf shown above), and have it extend over the toilet. This idea also works as a counter for the sink to set on, and have it narrow over the toilet, which is also known as banjo-style ..More

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How to Descale A Tankless Water Heater

10 Best reputed licensed plumbers - Forum Pages - When you heat water, you leave dissolved solids behind. This creates a build-up over time in your water heater that can lead to lost efficiency and flow. Same day plumber forum pages on rooter service, new water heater installation, septic tank leach field & fix a leak pool.. It's important to descale your system at least every two years. It can even cause your water heater to overheat and then you could have to call in an emergency plumber for potentially costly repairs ..More

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